Carlyle Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area

Westside Management Area

A network of levees separates the 3,500-acre bottomland area into several smaller and more manageable compartments. Habitat management consists of planting crops such as corn, milo, millet and winter wheat, and promoting the growth of natural wetland vegetation (moist soil management).
The manipulation of water levels plays an important part in management of the area. By manipulating spring water levels, moist soil plants such as wild millet can grow in several permanent moist soil areas and in some fields that were planted to annual crops the previous year. In the fall, flooding the leveed areas provides migrating waterfowl access to the food. Access to the area is by way of Cox's Bridge, Hitogi Access Area, or parking lots at Subimpoundments 1, 2 or 3.


60 miles east of St. Louis, near Vandalia.