Hamilton County State Fish and Wildlife Area

Hamilton County Hunting Areas

Location: 8 miles east of McLeansboro, Illinois off of State Highway 14

Description: Total Acres: 1,674

Water Acres: 75 Huntable Acres: 1,530 Timber Acres: 230 Open, cultivated, or fallow field acres: 1,300

The area is one of gently rolling topography. Most of the hunting area is small, open fields bordered by heavy fencerows, border plantings of shrubs, small trees, pines, and small patches of brush and timber. The area is heavily used by upland game hunters and as a field trial area.

Available Game Species: Deer Squirrel Quail Turkey Rabbit Dove Woodcock Crow Furbearers

This area provides excellent quail hunting with an abundance of quality food and cover. The brush areas and open fields provide a good place for beagles to hunt rabbits. Field Trialers find excellent running for their dogs and trail for following on horseback.

Other Facilities Available: Large picnic areas with tables and fireplaces, restaurant & bait shop, fishing and boating on the lake, camping area with gravel pads, electricity, sanitary station for trailers, shower building, and rental cabins.

Area Regulations:

1. Hunting is restricted to those areas posted as open to hunting. Hunters must park in the designated areas only.

2. Check station is present on the area, and all hunters, except squirrel, deer, and spring turkey hunters must check in and secure a back patch to be displayed at all times while on the area. Squirrel and deer hunters must use sign-in box at check station.

3. Archery deer hunters and night hunters for furbearers must obtain a site permit from the office during regular business hours prior to hunting on this site. Spring Turkey hunters and fall archery Turkey hunters apply for site permit through statewide lottery.

4. ALL HUNTERS must check out and report their day's take, except for archery deer and night Hunters who must return their record sheet prior to 15 February.

5. Construction and use of permanent tree stands is prohibited. Portable stands may be used for hunting and may be left unattended overnight during the period September 15 through January 31. Each stand must be legibly marked with the owner's name, address, and telephone number when left unattended. Only one stand is allowed per hunter. No screw-in steps allowed.

6. Hunting shall be done with shotgun, bow and arrow, muzzle-loading rifles, or legal handguns for deer.

For further information, contact Site Superintendent, Hamilton County State Fish & Wildlife Area, RR #4 Box 242, McLeansboro, IL 62859, phone: 618/773-4340; or District Wildlife Biologist, 13999 E. Game Farm Rd., Mt. Vernon, IL 62864, phone: 618/242-2062.


From Marion, go north on Interstate 57 for 18 miles to exit 71. Go east on Highway 14 for 35 miles to Hamilton County State Fish & Wildlife Area.

From Mt. Vernon, go south on Highway 142 for 27 miles to McLeansboro. Go east on Highway 14 for 8 miles and follow the signs to Hamilton County State Fish & Wildlife Area.