Jemez Mountain Trail

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Jemez Mountain Trail

New Mexico

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See a variety of Spanish and indian ruins along the 163-mile Jemez Mountain Trail. The amazing geological formations, ancient Indian ruins, and an Indian pueblo take you back to years past. Areas rich in logging, mining, and ranching heritage are found at sites like Jemez State Monument, Bandelier National Monument, Soda Dam, Cabezon, Battleship Rock, and the Spence and Jemez Mountain Hot Springs. Allow for a three hour drive, or spend the whole day exploring the treasures along the Jemez Mountain Trail.

Map of Jemez Mountain Trail

Latitude, Longitude: 35.616686, -106.724721



  • Auto/Motorcycle

    Allow three hours drive-time, or a full day to see the entire byway which extends from Cuba to La Cueva, then onto White Rock, New Mexico. The entire byway is 163 miles long.

  • Camping

    Numerous camping opportunities are available along the byway.

  • Historic Sites

    Information is available in a number of locations along the byway, including in Los Alamos and White Rock. Jemez Pueblo operates an information/interpretive center called Walatowa. The pueblo also shares the center with the Jemez Ranger District which provides a great deal of information. Cuba also has an information center with interpretive kiosks.


Because it is located in the high desert, the byway's climate is delightful year-round. While it is wonderful during the spring and summer, it is also fabulous to drive through snow-blanketed mountains. Wild turkey, deer, and elk are frequent sights.



Visitor services are located all along the byway corridor in Los Alamos, White Rock, San Ysidro, Jemez Pueblo, Jemez Springs, La Cueva, and Cuba. The main points of access to the byway include, Cuba, San Ysidro, and White Rock, New Mexico.

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(505) 867-8687