Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park will Celebrate 75 Years in 2011

December 13, 2010, 8:33 am

A new website commemorating the 75th anniversary of Joshua Tree National Park is up and running.

The site,, contains information, articles, a calendar of events and interactive features to promote public involvement with the Mojave Desert park during its anniversary year.

Joshua Tree was established as a national monument on Aug. 10, 1936, by a proclamation signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. In 1994, the park was expanded.

It was re-designated a national park when Congress passed, and President Bill Clinton signed, the California Desert Protection Act on Oct. 31, 1994.

That legislation, years in coming and despised by some and lauded by others, was spearheaded by the late Sen. Alan Cranston, D-Calif., in response to fears that off-roading, real estate ventures, plans for garbage dumps and other uses of the desert, was destroying or threatened some of the habitats.

The park and its partners plan to use all of 2011 to host special events and activities that will focus on the park's history, its future and the relationship that Californians, all Americans and a growing number of international visitors have with the park and it's “75 years of inspiration.”