Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

California Riding and Hiking Trail

The California Riding and Hiking Trail leads thirty-five miles through the western portion of Joshua Tree National Park. There are several access points for this trail throughout the park, they include: Covington Flats, Keys View and Squaw Tank Roads; Ryan Campground, Belle Campground; and the north entrance of the park. Two to three days are required to hike the entire length of the trail but shorter hikes of 4, 6.7 and 11 miles are possible.

Joshua Tree National Park, 74485 National Park Drive , Twentynine Palms, CA, 92277, Phone: 760-367-5529, Fax: 760-367-6392


Directions from Oasis Visitor Center: Follow Utah Trail southward to the North Entrance. The backcountry registry for the California Riding and Hiking Trail is .25 miles south of the entrance. Several miles south on Pinto Basin Road the trail crosses the roadway at Twin Banks backcountry registry.

Directions from Quail Springs Road: The California Riding and Hiking Trail crosses Quail Springs Road on the southern end of the road. The trailhead is Juniper Flats, which lies south of Ryan Campground.

Directions from Lower Covington Road: From the Oasis Visitor Center follow Twentynine Palms Highway westward to La Contenta, which is a few miles west of Joshua Tree. Turn left on La Contenta and follow it southward. Drive across Alta Loma Drive; at this point the road name changes to Covington Road. Follow this southeastward several miles to the picnic area where you can begin hiking on the California Riding and Hiking Trail.

Directions from Joshua Lane: From the Black Rock Canyon Visitor Center drive eastward to Joshua Lane. Turn right on Joshua Lane to reach the California Riding and Hiking Trail.