Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Queen Valley Improved Road

Throughout Queen Valley is a series of improved roads that leads to various trailheads. The total mileage of these roads is 13.4 miles. These roads leads through terrain strewn with boulders and Joshua Trees.

Visitors can reach the area by turning eastward from Quail Springs Road at the Hidden Valley Campground. From the campground the improved road leads a half mile to a "T" road. The left side of the "T" leads to Desert Queen Ranch. The right side of the "T" leads eastward to several trailheads. The first trailhead provides visitors access to the Barker Dam Nature Trail. A short distance east of Barker Dam Trailhead is a path leading north into Wonderland Wash. Two miles east the main road intersects with a side road the leads north and south (left and right). Visitors who turn left at this intersection will reach the Queen Mountain Trail in approximately one mile. Continuing east from the Queen Mountain access road visitors will reach the Pine City Trailhead. From this portal several trails lead into the backcountry. Bike racks have been placed at a few trailheads in Queen Valley.
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Directions from Hidden Valley Campground: Turn eastward from Quail Springs Road on to the campground access road. Instead of turning into the campground continue following the improved road through Queen Valley.