Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

Nature & Wildlife in Knife River Indian Villages

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Natural Features & Ecosystems Extreme weather conditions are the norm in North Dakota. Although most people have heard about the extreme winter weather in North Dakota, most people are unfamiliar with the hot and humid temperatures along the Missouri river valley. These extreme temperatures along with the open prairie create ...


When the Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived at the Knife River, they found a plant community that was much different than visitors will see today. The upland areas were mixed grass prairie with few, if any, trees. In the river bottomlands floodplain forests grew with such trees as cottonwood, ...


Within the various vegetative communities are many species of fauna. Larger birds and mammals rely on the wooded areas for winter cover and as an area for rearing young, but often feed in the open prairie. White tailed deer, coyote, porcupine, skunk, beaver and thirteen-lined ground squirrels are some ...