Kuskokwim Bay - Carter Spit

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Kuskokwim Bay - Carter Spit


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The Carter Spit site includes 4 spits and the intertidal mudflats within Kuskokwim Bay and north of Goodnews Bay, on the southwest coast of Alaska. In the spring and fall, this area serves as an important site for migrating waterfowl, such as the northern pintail, greater scaup, green-winged teal, black scoter, Hudsonian godwit, bristle-thighed curlew, and Steller's eider. More than 120 species were observed during a recent fall migration.

Map of Kuskokwim Bay - Carter Spit

Latitude, Longitude: 59.256170, -161.940950



  • Hiking

    There are many natural places to hike here.

  • Water Sports

    Kayaking is allowed.


Open year-round.



Travel by commercial jet from Anchorage to Bethel. Then travel by charter boat or float plane from Bethel to the site, approximately 120 miles south. (Charters should be arranged with private plane or boat operators well in advance of arriving in Bethel. Contract the Alaska Division of Tourism in Juneau [Tel.: 907.465.2010] for assistance in obtaining charters.) There is no scheduled service to the Split, and the availability of chapter transportation is limited during certain times of the year.

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(907) 267-1293