Lolo National Forest

Lolo National Forest Motorized Trail Use

Motorized Trail Use. Many trails are closed to motorized vehicles, or certain types of motorized vehicles, plus, on the Lolo National Forest, motorized wheeled vehicle use is limited to System roads and trails which are not designated closed. Additionally, trails are closed to vehicles that are 50 inches or more in width and all motorized vehicle and motorized tool use is prohibited in Wilderness Areas.

Motorized wheeled cross-country travel -- including on Non-system roads and trails - is prohibited; these vehicles may be used on National Forest System Roads that are available for travel when they meet requirements of State law for registration and licensing (link opens a new window) and are operated by a licensed driver.

The Lolo National Forest Visitors and Travel Plan Map shows motorized vehicle restrictions . You can purchase a Travel Plan map from any Lolo NF office and many area sporting good stores.

For trails which are OPEN to motorized use, the use must be compatible with the trail facility. For instance, few trails are wide enough to safely accommodate 3 or 4-wheeled all-terrain vehicles without causing damage to the trail or surrounding soil and vegetation, or the trails may be too steep to negotiate on motorized vehicles without causing rutting. Use that damages the trail, soil, or vegetation is not allowed and will constitute a violation. Check with local Ranger Stations for trails that can accommodate All-Terrain Vehicles.

Trail vehicle users:

Make sure your vehicle is in good mechanical order and adequately fueled.
For safety, never ride alone.
Wash and inspect your OHV before and after riding on forest roads and trails to prevent the spread of weed seeds.
Be aware of travel restrictions. Don't assume a route is open just because you see tracks of other vehicles. Stay on existing System trails, never ride cross-country, and ride in the trail.
Ride through muddy spots, not around them, to prevent widening out of the trail.
Wet trails can be prone to rutting. When wet trail conditions make your use destructive, turn back.


Directions: From the corner of Reserve Street and South Avenue in Missoula, head south one block and turn onto Fort Missoula Road (there is a National Guard Armory at the corner). Follow Fort Missoula Road, past the medical center and the golf course to the stop sign. Go through the stop sign to the end of the road, turn left and we are the second large building on the left. Look for the Lolo National Forest Supervisor's Office sign.
Lolo National Forest Supervisor's Office
Fort Missoula Bldg. 24
Missoula MT 59804