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In 1938, interested citizens of Presque Isle donated 100 acres of land to the State with the hope of creating Maine's first state park. This hope became reality is 1939, with the creation of Aroostook State Park. Subsequent donations increased the park to its present size of over 600 acres. Encompassing Quaggy Jo Mountain and Echo Lake, the park provides year-round recreational activities. Rising abruptly from the surrounding farmlands, the most prominent feature of Aroostook State Park is Quaggy Jo Mountain. Uplifted by folding of the earth's crust, weathered and shaped by glaciation through time, Quaggy Jo offers a unique chance to study the areas geologic past. The underlying limestone formations mark the presence of an ancient sea, and the mountain's outer layer of volcanic rock suggests a later lava flow of an unknown origin. Quaggy Jo is the shortened form of its Indian name "QuaQuaJo". A popular translation for QuaQuaJo is "twin peaked".

The park's natural areas are typical of northern Maine. Its forest consists mainly of a mixture of spruce, fir, beech, and maple along with younger stands of poplar, birch, and other hardwoods. In the park's low swampy areas, dense stands of cedar can be found.

A wide variety of birds and mammals live within the park. While squirrels and chipmunks are most frequently seen, fox, deer, moose and bear also rail the park "home". Birds of all types are found here, too, including hawks, owls and woodpeckers.

Map of Aroostook (ME)

Latitude, Longitude: 46.613457, -68.006213



  • Boating

    Motorized boats and non-motorized boats are allowed at the park. There is a boat launch.

  • Bicycling

    Biking trails are accessible at the park.

  • Camping

    Camp only at established sites, many of which can be reserved in advance. For more information contact the park.

  • Fishing

    The park offers a a number of different fish species.

  • Hiking

    North Peak Trail: 1.25 miles, Starts at the day use parking area. Scenic views through upland hardwoods and conifers.

    North-South Peak Ridge Trail: One mile, Meanders along the ridge between the two peaks through areas with diverse forest floor vegetation.

    South Peak Trail: 0.75 mile, Steep and rugged, but an interesting climb starting from the campground and following a rocky outcrop to the peak. Sturdy footwear recommended.

    The four-mile cross-country ski trail can also be used as a summer hiking trail. Some of the park trails leave park property. The owners have given permission for you to use, and for the park to maintain, these trails.

  • Hunting

    Please call park for information on hunting and regulations.

  • Off Highway Vehicles

    Snowmobiling is permitted in the wintertime.

  • Picnicking

    There are a number of picnic tables located throughout the park.

  • Water Sports

    Swimming is allowed in the lake.

  • Winter Sports

    The park has a four-mile cross-country ski trail. Some of the park trails leave park property. The owners have given permission for you to use, and for the park to maintain, these trails. Snowshoeing and snowmobiling is also popular in the winter.


While daytime summer temperatures average about 68 F (20 Celsius) in northern Maine, evenings and gray days can be chilly. In winter, expect daytime temperatures around 18 F (-8 Celsius) and take extra care in snow and icy conditions.

Park Partners

Friends of Maine State Parks

Friends of Maine State Parks was created in 1997 by individuals interested in ensuring the preservation of Maine's unique state park system and is a non-profit organization open to anyone who shares these goals.

* Provide informational, referral and networking services on issues of interests pertaining to State Parks and Historic Sites * Advocate and oversee on matters of importance to the character and purpose of State Parks and Historic Sites * Sponsor and cosponsor events that assist the promotion of State Parks and Historic Sites * Conduct quarterly educational programs with topics of interest pertaining to State Parks and Historic Sites * Sponsor an annual fall Picnic for all its members



Located 5 miles south of Presque Isle off U.S. Route 1.

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(207) 768-8341