Mendocino National Forest

Waterfall Loop Trail

Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 5,200 Feet
Elevation Gain: 1,200 Feet
Length, Round Trip: 6.8 Miles
Reservation: No
Season: Year-round
Waterfall Loop Trail is a 6.8 mile easy loop that begins at an elevation of 5,200 feet. The trail begins at the West Crockett Trailhead and passes near a beautiful falls, with excellent views provided by a short spur trail. After crossing the Middle Fork of Stony Creek, the route follows benchy country in pine trees. As the trail turns south, grand views of the Lake Pillsbury Basin and surrounding mountains are prevalent to the west, with the Middle Fork of Stony Creek Canyon to the east. The trail leads into Milk Ranch, one of the largest meadow areas on Snow Mountain. Although the Milk Ranch meadow is private property, the landowner allows horse and foot travelers to pass through on the trail. As the trail turns north again and passes through the meadow, there are wonderful views from the ridge. As it approaches West Crockett Trailhead, the route switch backs down to Stony Creek before ascending to the trailhead. This trail travels through the Snow Mountain Wilderness Area.


From Upper Lake, Travel 17 miles north on County Road #301 to Forest Road #18N01, turn right (east) and travel 7 miles to Forest Road #18N04, turn left (north) and proceed 18 miles to the West Crockett Trailhead.