Mojave National Preserve

Mojave National Preserve


The volcanic rock formations in the area make this a popular recreation site. Favorite activities in the area include camping, picnicking and hiking. Rock climbing on the volcanic rocks is not recommended because of their crumbly nature. Fall and spring are the most popular seasons for camping, with winter and summer providing variable weather conditions and temperatures.

Over million of years, eruptions spewed layers of lava and ash over this area. Uneven cooling and gases captured during the eruption, formed "holes " in the rock. Erosion has enlarged these holes to create spectacular caverns. The oxidation of iron in this volcanic material lends a contrasting reddish color to the gray background.

The volcanic flows and surrounding land were eventually altered by the action of wind and rain transforming the original landscape to what you see today. The small table topped plateaus (mesas) are isolated remnants of these flows and show the powerful forces of erosion.

There is a well developed campground with running water and toilet facilities. There are two unmaintained trails available at Hole-in-the-Wall. One leaves from the picnic area and travels west through the volcanic rock. This trail involves a descent down metal rings and scrambling around and over many boulders. This is for the experienced hiker.