Natural Bridges National Monument

Natural Bridges National Monument

Secret spots in Utah

May 28, 2009, 7:23 am

Here are some secret spots that few find their way to visit.

1. Dinosaur Tracks. The Moab Information Center and several brochures mention two different dinosaur tracks.

2. Sego Canyon Rock Art site. There are lots of rock art sites around Utah, but one of the easiest to reach is Sego Canyon off I-70 near Thompson.

3. Hidden Arches. Arches National Park was created to protect 2,000 natural arches, but only a dozen or so are on the park map. Arches to look for: Tapestry, Ring & Black.

4. San Rafael Swell. The San Rafael Swell is an uplift along I-70, West of Green River. It's filled with canyons, mesas, cliffs, streams, petroglyphs and even a few arches.

5. Natural Bridges National Monument. It's really too bad this park is so far from other popular places and major roads. The park features three large bridges.

6. Mesa Arch. If you like photos of arches, it's likely you've seen pictures of Mesa Arch without knowing it.