Singletary Lake State Park

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Singletary Lake State Park

North Carolina

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Bring your group to Singletary Lake State Park and enjoy group camping in a land of mysterious origins. A portion of the unique Carolina bay ecosystem found nowhere else in the world, Singletary Lake lies within the 35,975-acre Bladen Lakes State Forest.

Developed primarily for organized group camping, the park is comprised of 649 acres of land and a 572-acre natural lake. In addition to group camping, Singletary Lake State Park offers ample opportunities for nature study and recreation.

Map of Singletary Lake (NC)

Latitude, Longitude: 34.590580, -78.474225



  • Boating

    Campers can bring their own watercraft (limit 10 horsepower).

  • Camping

    Singletary Lake State Park has two organized group camps available to nonprofit organizations. The camps provide a unique camping experience, creating the perfect setting in which to interpret natural surroundings and to unite in work and play. At least 20 people must be in the group, and the group must also be part of a verifiable organization. Camp Ipecac, built by the Resettlement Administration, houses 92 persons and is open April through October. Camp Loblolly Bay houses 48 persons and is open year round. Both camps are accessible for persons with disabilities and include a mess hall, campers' cabins and restrooms.

  • Fishing

    Though fish populations are low due to the acidity of the water, the lake has a population of yellow perch ready to provide a challenge for fishermen. The public may fish in the lake when the group camps are not in use by obtaining permission from park staff.

  • Hiking

    CCC-Carolina Bay Loop Trail is an easy one-mile trek that begins near the pier at the lakeshore. Journey through a forest of bay shrubs, cedar, cypress, gum and poplars. The return segment of the trail takes you through a forest of longleaf pine and bay vegetation.

  • Historic Sites

    Special explorations of Singletary Lake State Park can be arranged for your group or class. Requests for these park programs must be made in writing at least four weeks in advance of the anticipated park visit. Contact the park office for program request forms.

  • Picnicking

    Picnic sites are available.

  • Water Sports

    A pier more than 500 feet long extends into the lake providing a perfect place for swimming and sunning. Swimming is permitted only for group campers and only in the designated area. Lifeguards are not provided; group leaders must provide swimming supervision.



Singletary Lake State Park is located in Bladen County on NC 53, 10 miles southeast of Elizabethtown and six miles east of White Lake.

To reach the park from Wilmington, drive north on US 421. Turn left onto NC 53 and travel west toward Elizabethtown. The park entrance, indicated by a large sign, will be on the right.

To arrive at Singletary Lake from Fayetteville, drive east on NC 53 for approximately 40 miles, drive through the town of Elizabethtown and continue east. The park entrance, marked with a large sign, is on the left.

Phone Numbers


(910) 669-2928