Platte River State Park

In the Park

Shooting and Archery

In 2010, the park added the Outdoor Heritage Education Complex to encourage participation in various outdoor pursuits by providing a well-equipped and familiar facility that appeals to families and youth of all ages. The complex features a 60-yard archery range with shooting tower, a 50-yard small bore rifle range with shooting benches, and an indoor 10-meter pellet gun range with paper targets and a shooting gallery.

The complex was designed in-house by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission staff following industry standards and focusing on safety. The rifle range has a "no blue sky" design so the shooter can only see the targets, and bullets will not be able to leave the range. The pellet gun range was created with everyone in mind, no matter their size or ability.

Visitors can learn shooting, bowhunting, and other outdoor skills through the educational programming held within the complex. They more shoot bows, rifles, shotguns, and .22s with personal instruction for a small fee.