Negro Canyon Recreation Area

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Negro Canyon Recreation Area

New Mexico

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Accessible only by boat from Navajo Lake, Negro Canyon Recreational Area is an exceptionally peaceful and uniquely secluded place in New Mexico perfect for intense outdoor recreation. The area is best suited for the most avid outdoor enthusiast who is willing to travel less populated trails far from crowds and comfort facilities. Hunting is also available in season. There are very secluded hiking opportunities, making this remote slick rock canyon worth the canoe or boat trip. The views are spectacular throughout Negro Canyon Recreational Area, particularly at sunrise and sunset. The area is a fantastic place for wildlife viewing, particular because of its remote, less disturbed location. Photographers will also enjoy the beautiful landscape and local plant life. Both motorized and non-motorized boats are allowed in Navajo Lake. Once in the park, there are many historical sites to be explored by the curious visitor.

Map of Negro Canyon Rec. Area

Latitude, Longitude: 36.897195, -107.575378



  • Boating

    Both motorized and non-motorized boats are allowed in Navajo Lake to access Negro Canyon Recreational Area.

  • Hiking

    The hiking trails, only accessible by boat, are extremely secluded and a fantastic opportunity for visitors to really spend time in nature.

  • Historic Sites

    There are historical sites within the park, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about New Mexico's past.

  • Hunting

    Hunting is available in season.



Negro Canyon Recreational Area is accessible only by boat from Navajo Lake.

Phone Numbers


(505) 599-8900