Bluewater Lake State Park

Bluewater Lake State Park

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Bluewater Lake and Bluewater Creek are stocked with Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and Catfish. Other species found in the area waters include: Tiger Muskie, and Smallmouth Bass can also be found in these waters.  Numerous good fishing areas are easily reached by car. The park also is a popular spot for ice fishing in the winter months.


The park is host to many of nature's feathered friends.  Bird watching, whether by the expert or novice, is a must at the lake with at least 68 different species of birds calling the park home or a savory resting spot.


Bluewater Lake is situated on the north flank of the Zuni Mountains in the Las Tusas Basin. The reservoir is located in a valley carved in shale and limestone. The latter of which contains snail and brachiopod fossils.

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