Storrie Lake State Park

Storrie Lake State Park

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Storrie Lake State Park

New Mexico

(505) 425-7278

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Allow the cool summer breezes and serene waters to lull you to Storrie Lake State Park. Colorful windsurfing boards decorate the lake, which is also popular for fishing, water-skiing, and boating. The park offers hiking, camping, picnicking, and bird and wildlife-watching. If you enjoy plants, follow the walking-trails through the sagebrush-covered landscape spotted with cactus, yucca and wildflowers. Keep your eyes open for cottontail rabbits, ground squirrels, and mule deer. For the history buff, the park's visitor center offers historical exhibits about the Santa Fe Trail and 19th century Las Vegas.

Map of Storrie Lake (NM)

Latitude, Longitude: 35.656451, -105.237879



  • Boating

    The lake's serene waters are open for all types of boats, with no horsepower restrictions. Personal watercraft, windsurfers, and canoeists can be seen on the lake.

  • Camping

    The campsites provide both primitive, and developed sites with hookups.

  • Fishing

    Anglers can usually fish year-round, although the lake may freeze over for several weeks in winter. The lake is periodically stocked with rainbow trout, though anglers can also catch German brown trout, crappie and catfish.

  • Hiking

    Hikers can follow walking-trails through sagebrush-covered landscape spotted with cactus, yucca and wildflowers. Keep your eye out for wildlife too.

  • Picnicking

    Fully-accessible tables and grill are available within the park.

  • Water Sports

    Favorable summer breezes attract colorful wind-surfing boards to Storrie Lake State Park, which is also popular for fishing, canoeing, and boating.



Storrie Lake State Park is four miles north of Las Vegas, via NM 518.

Phone Numbers


(505) 425-7278