Fort Matanzas National Monument

Superintendent Name: 
Gordon J. Wilson
The area of Fort Matanzas National Monument was a major field of conflict as European nations fought for control in the New World. Fort Matanzas guarded St. Augustine's southern river approach during this struggle. Today, the monument protects not just the historic fort, but also the wild barrier island and the plants and animals that survive there despite modern development. The park commemorates the killing of nearly 250 French Huguenots by the Spanish, an act that gave the river and inlet the name Matanzas, Spanish for "slaughters"., The fort was constructed one hundred and seventy-five years later to help protect St. Augustine from a new threat - the British. Come and experience the rich history in Fort Matanzas.
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Park Sights: 
Fort Matanzas; Nature Trail Boardwalk; Matanzas River; Rattlesnake Island; Anastasia Island;
Endangered Species: 
Anastasia Island Beach Mouse; Green Turtle; Leatherback Turtle
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St. Augustine, FL
Gateway Communities: 
Palm Coast, FL; Saint Augustine, FL; Elkton, FL; Hastings, FL
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Jacksonville International Airport (JIA); Daytona Beach International Airport (DBIA); Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB)