George Washington Birthplace National Monument

Superintendent Name: 
Vidal Martinez
George Washington Birthplace National Monument is a tribute to George Washington and also preserves the heart of the Washington lands and a memorial plantation. America's first and greatest hero, Washington was crucial to the establishment of the United States as a nation founded on the principles of liberty. The peace and beauty of this special place are untouched by time, and visitors are reminded of the staunch character of our hero. The home in which George Washington was born was burned in 1779. After being excavated in 1936, the foundation was recovered and preserved. Crushed oyster shells on the ground mark the location of the home and the size and shape of the foundation.
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Park Sights: 
Memorial Shaft; Memorial House; Bridges Creek; Popes Creek; Potomac River
Entrance Fees: 
Individual Pass (valid for seven days) $4; George Washington Birthplace Annual Park Pass: $15
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Colonial Beach, VA
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Colonial Beach, VA
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Stafford Regional Airport (RMN)