Harriet Tubman State Park

 To commemorate the life of a true American hero and historical icon, the Maryland Park Service is opening a new State Park in Dorchester County dedicated to Harriet Tubman. The groundbreaking for the park is slated for 2013, one hundred years after the passing of Harriet Tubman. The park is a direct response to the growing interest by local, regional and national stakeholders and relatives of Harriet Tubman to share the life and legacy of the Underground Railroad’s most famous conductor in her beloved homeland on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The State Park is being designed by the architectural firm of GWWO and Associates of Baltimore, Maryland. The park will consist of a 15,000 square foot Visitor Center, exhibit hall and theater, memorial garden and trails, a picnic pavilion and restroom and administrative offices. The park’s 17 acres adjacent to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge will offer a distinctive landscape of marshes, woodlands and fields that are reminiscent of the backdrop for Harriet Tubman’s early life on the Eastern Shore.

Visitors to the park will benefit from a collaborative effort with the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. The Park Visitor Center and the Refuge’s Visitor Center will be physically and intellectually linked to one another through programming, multi-use trails and roads. The park will also provide an orientation to Tubman and Underground Railroad heritage sites and programs within the county and region. It will be a place to begin a chronological and geographic pilgrimage tracing Tubman’s steps on the Underground Railroad to New York and Canada, also noted as a Scenic Byway.