Chapman State Park

Chapman State Park stretches from the Potomac River to Mattawoman Creek, in western Charles County. The park is a dramatic reminder of the great woodlands that once cradled the Potomac tidewater region.

Visitors to Chapman State Park enjoy a journey through time, to Southern Maryland's pastoral heritage, finding mature forests, rare plants, and bald eagles frequenting the skies above. Park visitors also discover the Mt. Aventine Mansion: the historic home of the prominent Chapman family, who were closely tied to the families of our Founding Fathers George Washington and George Mason.


The habitats of Chapman State Park vary from flooded wetlands to cactus-studded dry sands, illustrating the variety of the coastal plain’s natural heritage. Significant biodiversity thrives here, with over three dozen state-rare species of oaks, a globally rare snail, wetland animals, native cactus, bald eagles, and much more. The park’s many forest types include oak-hickory terraces, steep ravines, bottomland woods, and a rare shell-marl forest which is rich in calcium-loving plants reminiscent of mountain habitats. Over 1,000 acres of forest interior grant sanctuary for dozens of species of birds, protecting them from predators that hunt more open spaces. Chapman State Park also boasts several trails, 2-miles of Potomac shoreline, miles of streams, shaded wetlands, fertile pools where amphibians breed, sunny meadows, and a large impounded marsh. Pets are permitted in the park.