Death Valley National Park

Superintendent Name: 
J T Reynolds
Death Valley is world renowned for its colorful and complex geology. Its extremes of elevation support a great diversity of life, and provide a natural geologic museum that represents a substantial portion of the earth's history. This region is also the ancestral homeland of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe. The Timbisha took advantage of the natural order of this region, establishing a pattern of life in concert with nature.
Park Acreage: 
Highest Point: 
Telescope Peak
Highest Point Elevation: 
11048 feet
Visitor Count: 
Visitor Count Year Recorded: 
Has Volunteer Program: 
Has Recycling: 
Has Shuttle System: 
Park Sights: 
Scotty's Castle; Rhyolite Ghost Town; Ballarat; Chloride City; Greenwater; Harrisburg; Leadfield; Panamint City; Skidoo
Endangered Species: 
Devils Hole Pupfish; Eureka Dunes Evening-Primrose; Western Snowy Plover; California Least Turn; Southwestern Willow Flycatcher; San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike
Entrance Fees: 
Vehicle Pass (valid for 7 days): $20; Individual Pass (valid for 7 days): $10
Nearest Major City: 
Pahrump, NV
Gateway Communities: 
Death Valley, CA; Darwin, CA; Amargosa Valley, NV; Beatty, NV; Keeler, CA
Nearby Airports: 
Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS); Furnace Creek (LO6)