Presidio of San Francisco (affiliated area)

Superintendent Name: 
Brian O'Neil
The Presidio of San Francisco served as an army post for three nations for 218 years. Scars of world and local events, military campaigns, the rise of aviation, World Fairs, and earthquakes are scattered throughout the Presidio. Centuries of architecture, a national cemetery, and an historic airfield are ripe for exploration. Relax in the forests and beaches, and admire the spectacular vistas.
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Park Sights: 
Batteries East & West; Crissy Field; Fort Point; Fort Winfield Scott; Letterman Hospital; The Main Post; San Francisco National Cemetery; Pet Cemetery; World War II Memorial; Golden Gate Promenade; Coastal Trail; Bay Area Ridge Trail; Bay Trail; Anza National Historic Trail
Endangered Species: 
San Francisco Spineflower; Dune Gilia; San Francisco Lessingia; San Francisco Wallflower; San Francisco Campion; San Francisco Owl's Clover; Marin Dwarf Flax; Presidio Clarkia; Raven's Manzanita; Franciscan Thistle; San Francisco Gumplant; Coast Rock Cress
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Nearest Major City: 
San Francisco, CA
Gateway Communities: 
San Francisco, CA
Nearby Airports: 
San Francisco International Airport (SFO); Oakland International Airport (OAK)