Lester was born in Southern California in the early 60’s in what started out as a rural area. He watched the exponential grow all around him thought the 60’s and 70’s. In fact one of his fond early childhood memories was playing in a corn field across from his house that later became the high school he graduated from. Lester loved camping and the mountains from an early age so when the time came for college Lester moved some 700 miles north and attended Humboldt State University. He graduated with a B.S. in Natural Resources, Planning and Interpretation in 1984. Lester has worked as a Park Ranger / Interpreter at Redwood National Park for 6 years and has been working for the City of Palo Alto Open Space for the past 23 years where he is currently the Supervising Ranger. Lester is a life member of the National Association for Interpretation and a Certified Interpretive Manager. He has served the Association as a regional Membership Chair, Deputy Director, and Director. He has also served on the Associations Board of Director’s and is currently serving as the National Election Chair.