North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park

Twisp Pass Trail

This trail begins along the Bridge Creek Trail as it turns northward around Frisco Mountain. The Twisp Pass Trail leads eight and a half miles eastward over Twisp Pass to the Twisp River. The route follows East Fork McAlester Creek to its headwaters near the pass. Twisp Pass Trail connects to Forest Service Trail 423 in the Lake Chelan - Sawtooth Wilderness.

Begin this trail at the Fireweed Camp along McAlester Creek. This trail junction lies south of Highway 20 approximately three miles on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The Twisp Pass Trail splits from the PCT and leads eastward along McAlester Creek. Within one half mile of the PCT Twisp Pass Trail reaches another junction. At this point the McAlester Trail leads southward. A second spur trail leads northward from the Twisp Pass Trail just a few minutes east of the McAlester Trail junction. This spur trail to the left loops along the eastern side of Bridge Creek to rejoin the PCT.

Continuing eastward from these two junctions the trail begins to climb more steeply. It soon joins the path of East Fork McAlester Creek. The track follows the creek for two miles to Dagger Lake remaining on the northern bank. Close to the lake are several campsites and one that will accommodate horses or stock animals. The lake lies at approximately 5,510 feet immediately west of Twisp Pass.

As the track leads past the northern lake shore it leaves the stream and arcs northward for a half mile. The trail then turns to the south and crosses the Dagger Lake inlet stream. In a few minutes you'll reach Twisp Pass, elevation 6,063 feet. The pass lies on the eastern boundary of North Cascades National Park.

Crossing into the Lake Chelan - Sawtooth Wilderness the trail descends slowly into a forested area. As you descend you'll see Lincoln Butte to the north (left). In two and a half miles the trail from Twisp Pass is joined by a trail from the north. This trail descends from Copper Pass along the North Fork of the Twisp River. A loop hike, that leads back to Highway 20, can be made by walking north at this junction.

From Twisp Pass to the junction with Forest Service Trail 426 the route descends 1,230 feet. At this junction turn right and follow the North Fork Twisp River one and a half miles to the trailhead. This portion of the trail descends almost 1,000 feet in elevation.

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Directions from Highway 20: Western Trailhead: Follow Bridge Creek Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, southward from Highway 20 (at State Creek) approximately three miles to the Twisp Pass Trail junction.

Directions from Highway 20: Eastern Trailhead: Drive eastward on Highway 20 out of the park to Twisp. In Twisp follow signs toward the Twisp River Recreation Area. Turn westward on Forest Service Road 44 and drive 25 miles to the Twisp Pass Trailhead.