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Northwest Montana Wetland Management District


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The Northwest Montana Wetland Management District (WMD), established in 1970, is located throughout Lake and Flathead counties in northwestern Montana. The District consists of 14 Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs) and the Conservation Easement Program. The WPAs, ranging in size from 28 acres to 2,370 acres, are located in the Flathead and Mission Valleys. The area consists of intermountain grasslands thickly dotted with wetlands caused by the 100,000-year Wisconsin glaciation, which carved stream valleys and formed the moraine and glacial outwash sections of the valley floor. Hunting, fishing, and bird watching are popular activities in the WMD. Wetland habitats found in the WPAs support abundant waterfowl species such as mallards, redheads, northern pintails, American wigeon, northern shovelers, blue and green-winged teal, and Canada geese. These WPAs also support high nesting concentrations of short-eared owls and northern harriers and are important wintering areas for rough-legged hawks, red-tailed hawks, and northern goshawks. Shorebirds use the WPAs during migration and for nesting and include killdeer, American avocet, black-necked stilts, Wilson's phalaropes, and yellowlegs. The upland areas support ring-necked pheasants and gray partridges and are nesting habitat for savannah sparrows, meadowlarks, and song sparrows. One of the WPAs supports a peregrine falcon hacking tower, which has had a successful nesting pair of birds for the past ten years. Smaller mammals include muskrats, striped skunks, mink, badgers, meadow voles, and porcupines. Grizzly bears occasionally visit the southern units.

Map of Northwest Montana Wetland Management District

Latitude, Longitude: 47.896895, -113.855782



  • Bird Watching

    The wetland habitat supports abundant waterfowl species such as Canada geese, mallards, redheads, pintails, American widgeon, northern shovelers, blue- and green-winged teal. Nature observation and wildlife photography are encouraged.

  • Fishing

    Fishing and trapping are allowed in accordance with applicable State and Tribal regulations.

  • Hunting

    The WPAs are open to public hunting of waterfowl and upland in game birds accordance with applicable Federal, State and Tribal regulations.

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(406) 644-2211