Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

Barnes Creek

This trail begins at the Mt. Storm King Information Center and leads four miles eastward along Barnes Creek. The creek lies in a narrow valley that begins in lowland forest and ends in montane forest above 1,600 feet. It can be used in conjunction with several other trails in the area to form a long backcountry trek.

Walking southward from the information center the trail begins as a paved path that leads under the highway and along the northern bank of Barnes Creek. After paralleling the creek for a half mile the trail forks. The left side of the fork is the Mt. Storm King Trail. Follow the left side of the fork to continue along Barnes Creek. In a few minutes the trail forks again. At this fork follow the left side as the right leads to Marymere Falls on Falls Creek.

The track remains close to the creek for the first few miles. It ascends slightly and descends as it crosses small streams emptying into Barnes Creek. The route eventually crosses Barnes Creek and veers from it along the southern base of Aurora Ridge. The track crosses two tributaries on the southern side of Barnes Creek before beginning to climb. The trail ascends using switchbacks 560 feet, then descends slightly only to climb again.

Shortly after beginning this second ascent the trail reaches a junction. At this point the Aurora Divide Trail leads southward (right), ascending Aurora Ridge. From this junction the Barnes Creek Trail leads eastward descending to the creek side. The trail continues another half mile beyond this trail junction. Beyond this four miles the Barnes Creek Trail is not maintained. A trail does exist that follows the drainage eastward into the upper Barnes Creek basin, but fallen trees and a faint path make navigation difficult.

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Directions from Port Angeles: Drive 20 miles west on Highway 101 to the Storm King Information Center. Follow the nature trail southward along Barnes Creek, under the highway, to a fork. Follow the Storm King Trail left at this split.