Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

Cameron Creek

This trail leads eleven miles one way along Cameron Creek from Three Forks Trail to Cameron Pass. The route is rated as moderately difficult with an elevation gain of 4,000 feet. Along its route the trail gains and loses elevation slightly so as to avoid debris left beside the stream from avalanches. The track passes through lowland and montane forest communities, reaching subalpine terrain in the last three miles.

Begin this trek at the end of Three Forks Trail where Grand Creek empties into Cameron Creek. This trailhead may be reached via the Gray Wolf Trail as well. The trail begins by crossing Grand Creek and leading along the northern bank of Cameron Creek. The trail begins at 2,300 feet and leads through moss and fern covered lowland forest for the first few miles.

Two miles from the trailhead the track ascends above the river steeply then drops to a log crossing to the southern side of the stream. The tread remains close to the stream on the southern side. It leads along the northern base of the ridge separating Gray Wolf and Cameron Creek drainages for one mile, gaining nearly 500 feet in elevation.

Crossing to the northern bank of Cameron Creek the trail ascends slightly along the hillside, leaving the stream bed. Avalanche slopes and open meadows characterize the terrain in the valley above this second crossing. The meadows, created by avalanches, provide openings in the montane forest that allow for glimpses of the high ridges surrounding the drainage.
The trail passes through three of these meadows before reaching Lower Cameron Camp, elevation 4,000 feet. This camp lies five miles from the trailhead.

Beyond the backcountry camp the trail begins to ascend steadily. It passes through four more clearings before reaching the junction with the Grand Valley Trail. The elevation of this junction is 4,350 feet. Beyond the Grand Valley Trail Cameron Creek Trail continues southwestward. It descends slightly to the stream side then levels for a short distance after reaching the stream. A mile and a half beyond the junction with Grand Valley Trail our route leaves the stream, ascends a few hundred feet then turns southward to enter Cameron Basin.

The track makes a long sweeping turn into the basin. It follows the western wall of Cameron Basin for about a mile eventually reaching Cameron Basin Camp and the headwaters of the creek. The last quarter mile to the camp is a steep ascent. The route continues to switchback up the south wall of the basin for the next half mile to Cameron Pass, 6,400 feet. The southern descent of Cameron Pass into the Lost River drainage is usually covered in snow throughout the summer. Ice axes are recommended for this descent. Check conditions at the Ranger Station in Deer Park before attempting this trail.

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Directions from Deer Park: Hike 4.3 miles southward along the Three Forks Trail to the confluence of the Gray Wolf River and Cameron Creek. At the junction of Cameron Creek Trail and Three Forks Trail turn right on to the Cameron Creek Trail.