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Located in the middle of the Oklahoma panhandle, the 4,333-acre Optima National Wildlife Refuge is made up of scenic grasslands and wooded bottomland on the Coldwater Creek arm of the Army Corps of Engineers Optima Reservoir Project. The Optima National Wildlife Refuge is located in the central mixed-grass prairie, which is a unique and fascinating regional biome. The bottomland habitat is dominated by mature cottonwood and tallgrass prairie species such as big bluestem, little bluestem and indiangrass. Shortgrass prairie species such as buffalo grass, blue gramma, sandsage, and yucca are found at the higher elevations in the Refuge.

This area also offers a home to many species of native wildlife, especially during the winter and bird migration seasons and therefore the Refuge provides for a variety of wildlife dependent recreational opportunities. Birdwatching and hunting are both popular at the Optima National Wildlife Refuge. Deer, turkey, dove and and other game species are the main animals hunted at the refuge. Fishing is not permitted in the refuge.

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Latitude, Longitude: 36.656852, -101.177902



  • Bird Watching

    It is a wintering home for migrating waterfowl, primarily Canada geese and mallards. Optima is also a migratory stopover and summer home to many species of songbirds and raptors (hawks and owls).

  • Hunting

    Recreational activities allowed in the refuge include wildlife observation and archery hunting for deer, turkey, dove and upland game. Fishing is not permitted on the refuge.



Optima NWR is located two miles north of Hardesty, and approximately nineteen miles east of Guymon, on State Highway 3/Highway 412 in Texas County, Oklahoma.

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(580) 664-2205