Ouachita National Forest

Big Brushy Trail Complex

Brushy Mountain, Mountain Top, Rockhouse and Brushy Creek Trails, combined with the Ouachita National Recreation Trail, allow many opportunities for loop-trail hiking and biking, ranging from 3 to 12 miles in length.

Travelers may see flowing streams, waterfalls, geologic formations, and quiet woodlands along the trail. The trails may be reached from parking and camping areas at the Big Brushy Campground.

Except for Brushy Mountain Trail, all trails in the Big Brushy Complex are open to hiking and mountain bikes.

Brushy Mountain Trail is open to foot traffic only.


The trail complex may be entered from
Big Brushy Campground on Forest Service Roads 6, 813, and E16B. The trail can also be entered at the Ouachita National Recreation Trail.