Ouachita National Forest

Black Fork Mountain Wilderness

This unique wilderness located in the Ouachita National Forest in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma is made up of one mountain. Black Fork Mountain, at an elevation of 2,403 feet, is the main feature of this 13,579-acre area. Rock screes or flows are dominant features along the east-west ridge formed by the geologic uplift.

Slopes range from five percent at the base to almost vertical near the top. This area offers diverse shrub and tree species and special scenic values due to variation in topography.

The Ouachita Trail runs along the the east side with a spur to the top. The special part is after the trail ends. You can bushwhack along the top all the way into Oklahoma. There is no developed trail in the Oklahoma portion of the wilderness but a parking area is provided 2 miles north of Page on County Road 1040.