Ouachita National Forest

Blue Moon Wildlife and Fisheries Demonstration Area

Blue Moon Wildlife and Fisheries Demonstration Area is a Forest Service project involving over 400 acres of fields, forest, regeneration areas (young pine stands), Cross Creek bottoms, and ponds. Various wildlife management techniques are on display in the area. Blue Moon was formerly a typical, traditional Ouachita Mountain farm. The area retains many characteristics of old farmland with an inviting mix of habitats.

The pine regeneration areas support a variety of early succession species such as chats and prairie warblers. Open, mature, mixed shortleaf pine and hardwood forest supports brown-headed nuthatches, summer tanagers, great crested flycatchers, indigo buntings, chipping sparrows, and many other species. The open fields have wintering populations of LeConte?s sparrows. Bobwhite quail songs fill this old farmstead in summer. During 1999, a former agricultural field became a moist soil wetland unit featuring approximately six acres of shallow water ideal for species requiring either shallow water and/or associated mudflats. Examples include wood ducks, shorebirds, and several heron species.

Blue Moon is open to hunting and fishing during appropriate times of the year. Wildlife viewing is open all year. Motorized vehicles are not allowed inside the area (except for administrative purposes), but visitors can go on foot anywhere.

For safety, be careful, especially during the late fall deer season (wear orange!).