Ouachita National Forest

Caney Creek Wilderness Trails

Caney Creek Trail generally follows the Caney Creek drainage. The trail crosses Blaylock Creek, Caney Creek, Katy Creek and the Cossatot River for a total of 13
stream crossings which are subject to flash
flooding during heavy rain.

Vegetation types, which occur along the creek, include beech tree stands, large pines and bottom land hardwoods.

Buckeye Trail generally follows a ridge offering many vistas before winding down to the Caney Creek Trail.

Tall Peak Trail is a steep rugged trail once you leave the Saline River. It begins in Shady Lake Recreation Area but can also be accessed from Forest Service Road 38. Look for large granite rocks about 1.8 miles north of Shady Lake Recreation Area entrance.

These trails lead into a 14,460 acre congressionally designated wilderness - a place for solitude and primitive recreation.


West Caney Creek Trailhead - From State Hwy. 71 at Vandervoort take State Hwy. 246 east 11 miles to Forest Service (F.S.) Rd. 31. On F.S. Rd.31 travel 10 miles to the trailhead.

East Caney Creek and Buckeye Trailheads -
Continue an additional 14 miles on State Hwy. 246 to F.S. Rd. 38. Travel F.S. Rd. 38 for 7 miles north to the Caney Creek Trailhead or 8 miles north to the Buckeye Trailhead.