Ouachita National Forest

Dry Creek Wilderness

Numerous ridges and high bluffs rise above an intermittent stream in this rugged scenic 6,310-acre area. Surrounded by roads, the area is located south of the Arkansas River Valley in the Ouachita Mountain Region. There are no trails or directional signs in the Dry Creek Wilderness. A unique feature, Chimney Rock, is a large rock formation which has broken away from a vertical wall of rock and stands apart in the shape of a chimney. Bluff rims, ridgetops, rock out-crops and steep slopes form natural vistas for enjoying the diverse topography and pine-hardwood clad mountains.

Directions: From the junction of State Hwy. 10 and 23, go east for 17 miles on State Hwy.10, turn right (south) on county road 309 for 5 miles, continue (south) on Forest Road 18 for 3.9 miles, turn right (west) on Forest Road 3 for 4 miles to wilderness boundary.

Notes and Precautions:

1. You are in bear country. Keep your camp clean and food at least 100 feet from camp and suspended out of "bear" reach.
2. Carry a compass and topographic map and know how to use them.
3. Hike with a partner and tell someone where you are going.
4. Carry and treat all drinking water.

USGS topographic maps for this wilderness are Sugar Grove (A10), Blue Mountain Dam (A11), Freedom Mountain (B10), and Gravelly (B11).