Ouachita National Forest


Pigeon Creek pond is a large, shallow impoundment that collects flows from surrounding old prairie land. Formerly a prairie (note prairie mounds), this area now supports cattle and poultry farms. The land is still quite open, which explains why it attracts a variety of open country and aquatic habitat species. Shorebirds can be seen along the pond edges and even in the ?mudflats? formed by cattle in the nearby feedlots. Osprey and white pelicans stop during migration. Bald eagles can be seen off and on all winter. Most duck species typical of western Arkansas can be found at times here. In summer lark sparrows occur at various places along the county road. In winter, savannah sparrows readily perch on the barbed wire fences. Scissor-tailed flycatchers, bluebirds, and roadrunners occur along the county road. For several years, loggerhead shrikes have hung small mammals, snakes, crayfish, beetles, and other small animals on a barbed wire fence just south of the pond. Those with a good ear for bird songs can locate painted buntings in dense, tall extensive fencerows surrounded by open field in the area (as well as generally throughout Scott County). Rare birds of interest over the years have included rough-legged hawk and Smith?s longspur.