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Benjamin Rush State Park


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This undeveloped state park is a mixture of open fields and woodlots in the northeast corner of Philadephia. Benjamin Rush has the world's largest community gardens called the Benjamin Rush Community Garden. It is located in the far northeastern reaches of Philadelphia. The area has been used for farming since the Comly Family farmed it in the early 1700's. The area has been used as a farm to support the Philadelphia State Hospital which was located across Roosevelt Boulevard prior to being decomissioned. It provides the opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds to garden together. Each gardner leases a garden plot to tend and contributes some volunteer hours to help run the garden. It provides a truly unique experience of gardening with the community, the feeling of contributing to something more and learning from each other.

Map of Benjamin Rush (PA)

Latitude, Longitude: 40.115582, -74.977120




Benjamin Rush State Park is in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. The park entrance is on Roosevelt Boulevard, PA 1 North, about 0.5 mile north of Southampton Road. From Northeastern Pennsylvania, head North on Roosevelt Blvd. (US Rt. 1) on the outside (right hand) lanes. Approximately 1/4 mile north of Southampton Rd., the sign for Benjamin Rush State Park will be on your right. Make a right at the sign, follow the unpaved road for about 1/4 mile. The gardens will be on your left.

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(215) 591-5250