Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

U.S. Route 101 circles the Olympic splendor

November 11, 2011, 10:09 am

While the true Olympic experience can only be found through a deeper exploration into one of the Washington peninsula's temperate rainforests, a cursory journey along U.S. Route 101 offers a scenic taste.

A late spring snow remains on the peaks as I begin my trek from the south, visiting the beaches near Ocean City before returning to the timbered confines of the inland forest. The woodlands of the Olympic Peninsula are such that you can pull over at almost any spot and find a beautiful photograph hidden among the trees.

Here in the Olympic rainforests, the trees grow to massive heights and the few roads - like Route 101 - cut through them like canyons, the verdant giants rising up like towering canyon walls on either side.

It's almost sunset when I arrive on the shores of Lake Quinault - a little piece of heaven in the Olympics. The next morning I explore the Quinault Rainforest before returning to Route 101 for my trip around the peninsula.

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