Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore

Just For Kids

For Kids

For Kids
The park conducts a number of programs during the year. These include beach walks, mini-talks, campfire programs, and bird-watching walks, among others. Most programs originate from the Visitors Center. Please call 361-949-8068 for program information.

Visit to learn about how Padre Island National Seashore is teaming with Eastern National to promote community service among boy and girl scouts by offering the Service to America badge.

Junior Ranger Program
The program is intended for children from 5-13. A small booklet is furnished at no charge. The booklet contains questions about the park's natural and human history, the answers to which can be found in the exhibit area. It also contains games such as matching wildlife to its habitat. There is also a short interview with a ranger, which the child can conduct using pre-determined questions such as "What is your favorite animal?". After completion, which normally takes a little over two hours at a relaxed pace, the child gives the booklet to a ranger, not necessarily the same ranger as interviewed, and he/she will look over the booklet to make certain all questions have been addressed. Incorrect answers are politely addressed with the intent of teaching the child about the seashore and the environment. The ranger then signs and dates the back cover, which can be used as a certificate, and the child is issued a plastic junior ranger badge of the same size and similar appearance to a real ranger badge.

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Park Fun

During the summer, the park usually offers an interpretive program designed around families. The specific activity/topic may be anything, but focuses on material suitable for young children and often involves learning about sea turtles or other wildlife.

Books, puzzles, coloring books, and other items for children can be found in the Malaquite Visitor Center bookstore co-located with the information desk and museum.

The park's camp store also offers a variety of items for children including toy buckets and shovels, floats, beach balls, frisbees, ear plugs, goggles, toys, kites, boogie boards, and skim boards.