Pine Flat Lake

Edison Point Trail

Pine Flat Lake always has been a great place for fishing and boating. The same can't be said for hiking and mountain biking ? until now.

Taking advantage of a prominent peninsula, the Edison Point Trail diversifies the park's recreational opportunities.

The 3.5-mile loop starts out with steep switchbacks that drop about 500 feet to just above lake level. Passing mostly blue oaks and bull pines, the trail then levels out and winds its way toward two points that jut into the lake's main body (an excellent place for shore fishing) before a series of switchbacks leads back to the parking area. Excellent views of the lake and surrounding hills abound.

Clearly marked in some areas and feint in others, the trail could use more traffic. Rangers report they rarely see more than two cars parked at the signed trailhead. As it stands now, the trail is better suited for hiking than mountain biking because of vegetation growth and the steepness of some switchbacks.

Trail construction began 2 1/2 years ago as a partnership among the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, International Mountain Biking Association and Central California Off-Road Cyclists.

Work is scheduled to continue in April. Interested volunteers should contact park ranger Doug Plitt at (559) 787-2589.


Where: Pine Flat Lake

Length: 3.5-mile loop

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Trailhead: From intersection of Trimmer Springs Road and Pine Flat, drive 9 miles to signed parking area

Fees: None