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Recent Sand Dunes Recent sand dunes cover the Colma Formation and the Franciscan Complex over large areas of San Francisco. These dunes are composed of sand that has blown up and over the hills from Ocean Beach and Baker Beach. The sand originated on the broad coastal plain of the Sacramento/San ...


Serpentinite Serpentinite is a rare rock type that is most often developed in subduction zones, where one tectonic plate is subducted under another. The serpentinite at the Presidio is probably made from rock scraped off the bottom of ocean crust that is found east of the subduction zone. These deep ...


California Goldfields Origin Of Genus Name: Lasthenia is Greek for a female pupil of Plato. Presidio Locations: Found in serpentine grassland and coastal prairie. Range In State: Throughout California. Description: This annual native species of the Sunflower Family has yellow, daisy-like flowers with reddish stems and narrow leaves 2.5 inches long which are ...


California Gull Laurus californicus Natural History: The California Gull is omnivorous, eating everything from garbage to invertebrates. It roosts in large groups along shorelines and landfills. It nests in open areas on islands between April and August. General Distribution: In the Presidio, this species is found in the ocean, bays, ponds, tidal ...