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Pyramid Lake, on the Paiute Indian Reservation, just north of Reno, Nevada, is an unexpected deep blue jewel surrounded by desert mountains. Even more surprisingly, it hosts one of the largest nesting colonies of American White Pelicans in North America.As the only byway in the nation entirely within a tribal reservation, this route takes the visitor around one of the largest desert lakes in the world and provides a unique opportunity to interact with the Paiute tribe.

Map of Pyramid Lake Scenic Byway

Latitude, Longitude: 39.883396, -119.386368



  • Auto/Motorcycle

    The Pyramid Lake Scenic Byway, beginning in Sparks, Nevada, and circling around the southern edge of the lake, will take you on a trip that will inspire reverence of the landscapes of the West.

  • Camping

    Camping is available at Dayton State Park and the Lahontan State Recreation Area.

  • Historic Sites

    Historical information about the Pyramid Lake Scenic Byway can be found at the Pyramid Lake Museum, which along with the Visitor Center is in Nixon at 709 State Street.


The byway is pleasant all year round, with fall being the best time to take a walk along the Truckee River, as well as the best time to drive in this area. High season is July and August, due to swimming and boating.



The byway begins at the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation border. At the junction with State Route 446, the byway forks and continues northwest to Sutcliffe or southeast, on State Route 446, to Nixon. At Nixon the byway forks again. Head north on State Route 447 to the terminus of the byway or south on the same road to Wadsworth, another terminus.

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(775) 574-1000