Can a 32 ft RV navigate Yellowstone National Park?
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9 years ago
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There are no restrictions on RV length, so the biggest issue is the availability of an appropriately sized campsite within the park. To make a reservation, you can call the concessionaire Xanterra Parks & Resorts at 307-344-7311. (This same number will get you lodging and dining information.) There are also RV campgrounds directly outside the park on US Forest Service land, as well as privately operated sites in gateway communities. While all the entrances are RV accessible, you may find the West Yellowstone entrance the easiest to navigate. Coming from the North is a bit more curvy but again, there are no size limitations so you should be fine. Regardless of which entrance you choose, remember to obey the posted speed limits, as there are many animals wondering around on the park roads. After all, this is their home and we're just visitors passing through! Have fun and be sure to share your stories with everyone at when you come home!
9 years ago