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Which trail at Mt. Rainier will provide a view of Seattle?
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9 years ago
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While it is typically very easy to spot Mt Rainier from Seattle, I think you'll find it pretty difficult to see Seattle from a trail on Mt. Rainier. Seattle is to the northwest of the mountain by about 60 miles. The trails that might even qualify for a view to the northwest are few. Plus, many of the miles on trails are among large coniferous trees, or down in river valleys, or between mountain ridges, all of which block any long distance view. However, it may still be possible. In 2001, I had the opportunity to backcountry camp at Golden Lakes on the west side of Rainier. At dusk, from a high vantage point, we were able to clearly make out some landmarks near Tacoma, Washington (to the south of Seattle), as well as see the glow of lights from the city. I haven't been able to confirm with anyone, but I wonder if the Mount Fremont Lookout (near the Sunrise area of the park) would have a clear view, over the ridges and over the trees, towards Seattle. Because of haze, I imagine in the day it would be difficult to see, but in the evening, I wonder if it is a possibility.
9 years ago