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What trails would be good for an overnight backcountry camping & hiking trip in the northern/western/central part of Olympic Nat'l Park?
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9 years ago
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There are actually a lot of great trails in that region. I'll share three here, but there are many more.
1) Ozette Loop - the trail itself isn't that long (around 9 miles total), but the real thrill is camping at the beach in the wilderness. A lot of people who camp will spend two nights at the coast.
2) Hoh River Trail - This trail is about 18 miles long, and it isn't a loop! Start at the Hoh visitor center, and for the first 12 miles or so, you are hiking through the ancient rain forest - massive trees, lots of ferns and moss. This part of the trail is relatively flat too, as you're just hiking up the long Hoh river valley. The last 6 miles of the trail go up in elevation, ending at the lateral moraine of the Blue Glacier near the top of Mount Olympus.
3) High Divide Loop (7 Lakes Basin) - This is an 18 miles loop trail. The trail starts near Sol Duc Falls and heads quickly into the high country. Unless it's cloudy or foggy, you'll get some great vistas of the surrounding mountain ranges. Depending on the time of summer you visit, you can also expect to see a fantastic collection of wild flowers in the high meadows. Black bears are fairly common here too, but typically there are enough berries to keep them distracted from us hikers!
There really are a lot of great hikes in this area, you may wish to check out the park's hiking pages too -
9 years ago