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Can I take my dog with me into Yellowstone Park?
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Yellowstone National Park
9 years ago
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You can take your dog with you into the front country areas of Yellowstone National Park. This includes any areas within 100 feet of roads, parking areas, and campgrounds. Pets must be kept under physical control at all times--caged, crated, or on a leash not to exceed six feet in length.

Please remember that pets are prohibited in the backcountry and on trails and boardwalks. It is also prohibited to leave a pet unattended and tied to an object. One last thing--pets should leave no traces other than footprints. Please be thoughtful of other visitors and clean up after your pet!

I hope you and your furry friend have a wonderful time at Yellowstone. Be sure to check back in with us to post pics and comments about your trip!

9 years ago