Places to go swimming
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Some great places for swimming in Wyoming include Hot Springs State Park (http://www.ohranger.com/wy/hot-springs) in Thermopolois, and Edness K. Wilkins State Park (http://www.ohranger.com/wy/edness-k-wilkins) along the North Platte River. <br/> <br/> While swimming in Yellowstone’s hot springs is forbidden, there are a few other places in and around the park that are popular swimming areas. These include Firehole Canyon, near Madison Junction, (http://family.go.com/travel/things-to-do/wyoming/yellowstone--park/poi-282404-firehole-canyon-drive-...) and Boiling River, north of Mammoth Hot Springs. (http://family.go.com/travel/things-to-do/wyoming/yellowstone--park/poi-282411-boiling-river/)<br/> <br/> WyoJones, a Yellowstone buff, also gives some good advice about Wyoming swimming holes here: http://www.wyojones.com/swimming_in_yellowstone.htm. <br/> <br/>  For more information about swimming holes across the country, check out http://www.swimmingholes.org/.

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