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What is there to do at Glacier National Park?
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Guided Tours
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There's so much to do at Glacier. Some great ideas are available on our "Activities and Programs" page ( If you've got a limited amount of time in the park, check out our "Only a Day" page (

Great options for guided tours include:

1. Ranger-led Walks and Talks: Rangers lead hikes to many interesting spots throughout the park. Check out the most recent schedule by downloading a brochure from the NPS here:

2. Red Bus Tours: Let the drivers of the Scenic Interpretive "Red Bus" Tours do the driving while you view the sights of Glacier National Park. The antique red buses are both a symbol of the park and a reminder of a time when adventurous travel was done with style and grace. The buses are called "jammers" by the locals, a name which carried over from the days when the buses had standard transmissions and the drivers could be heard "jamming" the gears as they drove up and down the rugged mountainous highway. Learn more here:

3. Boat Tours: Step onto classic boats and glide across beautiful alpine lakes, nestled among Glacier's peaks. The tours can show you a spectacular side of Glacier not visible from the road. Along the way, your captain will share tidbits about geology, nature and wildlife. Learn more here:

10 years ago