On a scale from rat to suckling pig, how delicious is squirrel meat? I prefer to feast on wild critter when camping.
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10 years ago
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It's hard to say there Red_Box...  I'm not much for squirrel or suckling pig myself so the comparison would lack integrity.  Rat can be a tasty specimen if prepared correctly, but you have to watch out for the tail - takes a reeeeal long time going down!

These days, given the economy and all, lots of folks are looking to try new, more available kinds of game...  In fact, seems some have found raccoon a nice protein substitute.

On the topic of squirrel, these two articles should help get you started on your culinary journey.

Please do keep in mind that does not advocate the killing or eating of wild animals, especially on public lands.  If you do decide to follow through on this question, I hope you'll be safe and make sure to brush your teeth!

Happy Trails!

10 years ago
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Barbecued squirrel is very good.
10 years ago