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I am looking to stay for 3-4 months is there any discounts for long term stays
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Bluewater Lake State Park, New Mexico, Park Passes and Fees, RVing
3 years ago
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I just got off the phone with the staff at Bluewater Lake State Park and was informed that guest are only allowed to stay for 14 (straight) days within a 21 day calendar period. After those 14 days they require you to leave for 6 days to another park and come back for the next 14 (straight) days. In addition, the dicount they off is a annual camping pass for $225.00 for the whole year (with additional fees for the type of car/RV you'd be using). 

I would give a call to 1-(888)-667-2757 for more questions about the rules and regulations at Bluewater Lake State Park, New Mexico! The staff there is extremly helpful.

Thanks so much! Enjoy your adventure.



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3 years ago